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Which blocks are for sale, block sizes and sales price appear on the Marketing Plan.

Lynmore Holdings P/L sells Sweetwater Estate blocks in two ways; firstly for those lots that already have titles issued, then the contract specifies the lot by address and title reference, but secondly, 80% of sales are “Off the Plan” where potential purchasers look at the Marketing Plan to select a lot, look at possible easements and driveway locations. Purchasers then usually visit the site, inspect the block and it’s title pegs to look at the block and visit a builder or two, or three to obtain a quote on their preferred design fitting on to the block they have selected and then enter into a contract for the block of land.

All the builders listed in the Info on House and Land Packages page offer the service of looking at the block and providing a quote on your preferred design. After obtaining a quote from a builder, purchasers enter into a contract so as not to miss out on their preferred selection, usually subject to finance being confirmed within 21 or 30 days, so your lending institution approves your loan. There are no obligations to continue with the sale if you do not get approved for your loan. Contracts on blocks that haven’t had titles issued are usually subject to the titles issuing within a certain period of time.

Please email or call Rob Lynch of Lynmore Holdings P/L on 03 6225 1016 for any queries or to purchase your own Sweetwater Estate block.